5 tips to make your Wedding day significantly easier


1.     Assign a point person.

 Your maid of honor and your coordinator should be handling things and making the decisions so you are not stressed. Honestly at the end of the day it doesn’t matter if Mother in Law moved some of your decorations around, or your bridesmaid lipstick doesn’t look that great. You won’t remember that, when you are walking down the aisle to the person you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with. Don't sweat the small things, let someone else handle those situations. Just focus on the most important thing, you get to walk down the aisle to the love of your life and start a journey together.


2.     Time manage better.

Of course, you have a schedule! But, just like everything else, things happen. If things are running a little behind ,make sure you schedule yourself some down time. Guaranteeing some down time with you’re bridesmaid will definitely make your day enjoyable, crank up some tunes and have yourself a dance party, let loose and shake off those nerves! You want to be able to no be rushed through every minute of that day, instead just enjoy every moment you get.

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3.     Send out a text message about family formal shots.

Typically, this is forgotten about, but please for your sake and your photographer, send out a text ( or an email) to your family members who will be in the formal family photos. Do this just a few days before your wedding. When sending out a text, remind your family about what to expect after the ceremony with photos and WHERE to be right after the ceremony. Nothing is worse than having to wait 10 or even 20 minutes on your family member to make their way back from the bar or even just socializing with someone that will be at the wedding. This stresses you out because you have to wait on them to start, and makes everyone else having to wait on them frustrated when all you want to do is go and party hard with your guests.

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4.     Shoes and Bras.

Break in your wedding shoes, and make sure that bra is just right- It is really hard to keep a smile on your face when your shoes are killing your feet. Blisters are no fun, trust me, I have been there done that. You should be wearing your shoes till they are completely broken in, blisters are no fun, especially when you are trying to have an awesome time on your honeymoon and you are limited on adventures do to blisters. I did truly break in my shoes on my wedding day, luckily, my maid of honor had flats for me in her car to put on. I had never been more grateful for a different pair of shoes. When it comes to your wedding day bra, if you are wearing pasties or strapless bra, do a trial run not once, but twice with it. Make sure that the bra stays sticky, or even up, nothing worse than a boob mishap in the middle of the ceremony and you cant do anything about it!

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5.     Do not forget to eat.

You would be surprised how many brides just are too busy, they even forget to eat. Make sure between the mist of a busy day to eat you a burger, or taco. Tacos are good!  I have had many of brides forget to eat and their blood sugar was low resulting in passing out, luckily I had protein bars in my bag to help with that scary situation, don't let that happen to you. Have your bestie put together an order for wedding party the night before, that way she can make a quick call for delivery and everyone doesn’t become hangry.

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