Hello, it’s me… Tabitha. Yeah that girl in the photo, I am probably thinking about what I am going to make for dinner or a funny meme I saw earlier and still laughing about.

Few things about me, for starters, I hate small talk. I am described as very personable and kind. I just want to basically be friends and chat about things that you find important. My favorite place is in the water. I am a mermaid with human legs, don’t argue with me about it it’s the truth.

I feel like being able to laugh at oneself is a must in life. I have split my pants in dance battles, crawled under cars for the perfect shot and even twerked it out with my clients. Let’s just say I know how to have fun, but don’t worry I make you do all that if you don’t want to. :)


Have you ever just done something that makes you feel like you’re in your element when you are doing it, just makes your soul happy and pushes you to want to constantly improve, all while doing something that has an positive impact on others?! Well that is how I feel about photography. I get to document important things in people’s lives, and make them feel amazing about themselves.

High school I would just document silly things like self-portraits for Myspace (yep, Myspace), then I dressed up friends and family when we went on outings, then my love for it just kept growing every time I would get my film back from development (disposable cameras were my jam).

Photography is not just telling a story but giving you a chance to reconnect to the memory attached to that photograph. Since everyone’s love story is different, your wedding should capture those unique memories you have attached to it. The sweet tears, huge smiles, quiet moments and just raw emotion of the day. That is what I want to capture for you, all while being a witness to those moments, I can’t help but passionately love my job just because of that.




Treat Yo Self for the journey that you have gone on to get you here in life. No for real, you should have a photographer that can capture you and your beautiful self. Let your senior year have one less stressful thing and trust that I will capture the best version on you.

Now that you know a lot about me, I would love to know more about you. Click on the BOOK ME button and fill out the questionnaire, telling me a little bit about you and maybe even a funny story to go along so I can have a good laugh.

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