• frequently Asked questions •

I know there is a lot to read here, but this will help you know what you are getting into.

Do you Travel for Weddings?

Yes, I love to travel. It does require a fee though, depending on how far I travel for your special day. I have a list of places I would like to travel to that are on my bucket list, and if your Wedding location is on that list we can chat about giving you a discount.

Is there a Deposit I need to put down?

Yes, reserving your session requires me to turn away other business on that day, I require a 50% nonrfundable retainer fee to reserve your session date. This is applied to your package cost, with the remainder of your balance due 30 days before your wedding date.

How many images will I get back?

I usually give back an average of 50 High Resolution images for every hour that I shoot. I do not provide the raw files, part of what you are paying for is my creative style, which comes, in part when I edit through the photographs. I will only be giving you the best of the best.

When will I get my photos?

My delivery time is between 4-6 weeks for your Wedding, and about 2-3 weeks for your Engagement session.

Do I shoot natural light or use lighting equipment?

This is a great question! I mostly shoot in natural light as much as possible, but I have some flashes that are used for instances where there is not much light provided. I do prefer the look of natural light over artificial light, so if given the the choice I will always choose natural light. Flash is needed at times when dancing is happening at the reception, or even the exit of the Bride and Groom.


Why is Wedding Photography so expensive?

Camera and photography are so accessible nowadays. Almost everyone owns a camera of some kind. Unfortunately, that accessibility makes photography a field where the perceived cost is thought to be much lower than the actual cost. For professional photographers there is a lot of investments that go into running a photography business.

Here is a list of the fixed cost for an average photographer:

                        Camera equipment and upgrades

                        Lenses, flashes, and other crucial accessories

                        Editing and photo management software


                        Computer and additional hard drive space

                        Cell Phone



                        Vehicle costs (gas, maintenance, insurance, repairs)

                        Business insurance

                        Domain name, web hosting, and website maintenance

                        Client payment and management systems


                        Business cards

                        Further education (Workshops, seminars, conventions, books)



That is just the essentials of the photographers business. As a professional photographer you have to add the additional time spent for each individual client:

                        Responding to inquiries, emails

                        Filing contracts, receipts, invoices

                        Hiring second shooters (weddings)

                        Scouting locations

                        Pre-Portrait/Engagement Session (clean equipment, location planning)

                        Travel to and from portrait/engagement session

                        Importing imagery 

                        Backup imagery

                        Cull imagery

                        Edit imagery 

                        Upload galleries and deliver products 

                        Pre-Wedding Day (clean equipment, scout venue)

                        Travel to and from wedding

                        Repeat import, backup, cull, edit, and deliver 

                        Follow-up with clients

We as professional photographers are trying are hardest to capture your most important and precious moments, and we spend a lot of time perfecting our craft with investments. Most of the time the only tangible thing you take away from your Wedding day is the images that are captured on your special day.

How do you describe your shooting style?

I believe my style speaks for itself. I love to give some sort of direction but let you both be in the moment and capture the raw emotion happening. I love more of the candid shots then the posed smiling looking straight into the camera vibe. I will have captured the quirky, sweet, funny, intense and often overlooked moments of that day. I want to capture what is unfolding in front of me without much posed direction. I will help coach you into the most natural and beautiful poses with the objective of creating and capturing the most authentic images that I possibly can.


Will you help me with my Timeline for my Wedding day?

Yes, absolutely. I highly suggest a wedding planner who is especially skilled in helping with this but It’s a high priority for me to be able to help you hash out photo details on your timeline. A great photographer should help plan the photog aspects of the day to make sure everything flows together smoothly. There are a lot of little details to have in mind and the last thing that you want is to be rushed on your Wedding day. I suggest that all of my couples do a First Look, but I understand not everyone likes to do it this way and are more traditional. First Looks help you capture that private moment of seeing each other for the first time and gives you more time to capture your intimate and private portraits ahead of time so that you can just PARTY with your friends and family shortly after the ceremony.


How will you make us feel relaxed in front of the camera?

This is a very important question to consider when you choose a Wedding Photographer. You will need to feel comfortable with your photographer since they will be with you for most of the day, in such personal environment. I require a consultation before booking so that we can meet each other and make sure we connect. This goes both ways for the Photographer and the Bride and Groom. I highly recommend doing an Engagement Session beforehand so you feel more relaxed as well. I like to say, just think of me as one of your Brides maids that will be there with a camera, laughing with you, and wanting your best intentions. I will have you both playing games together, and with the laughter and interaction it looks very natural and smooth.


Why would we need a Second Shooter?

If you are having a large wedding, and you will be spread out over a few locations, a few factors play in to this. There will be a tight time frame and a second shooter is really necessary to make sure we capture the most important details. Second Shooters are another layer of coverage, to watch for little moments I might otherwise miss out on. I cannot be in two places at once, so a Second Shooter is a definite must.