Your session is here...

and planning out your session is important but it is also STRESSFUL! Do not worry, this little guide is here to help you figure out what outfits work best for you, AND on the camera. Do not be nervous about what clothes to wear for your session, this guide should help you easily go in the right direction.


There is no such thing as too dressed up when it comes down to your portrait session. Do not be afraid to to have a little fun with your outfit choice. Dresses and skirts look the best, especially when they are full-length , they can bring a little extra movement into the camera, giving a wind-swept look.

Flattering you features

As girls, in my experience we all have one area of our body that we are a little self- conscious about no matter what our body type, recognizing what area that is, is key. This will help you choose flattering articles and colors that compliment your natural features is the best way to ensure you’ll love the way you look in your photos. Little tip, heel’s elongate legs making them look fabulous, but of course bring some sandals for when you are walking around from location.

Hair & Makeup Tip

Go pro, yes I said that right. Professional hair and makeup artist know how to make your makeup camera ready. This way it also eliminates the stress of getting ready on your own. When working with a professional, you may feel like there is too much, especially if they add fake eyelashes. Don’t worry, it photographs well. Good makeup artist know exactly what they are doing and to get it all right for the camera. If you are not working with a makeup artist make sure to apply your makeup in natural light since that is what we will be photographing in.

Add ons

Layers are also a good add on to any outfit, bring a cute jacket or a cardigan.

When choosing jewelry or even scarves, make sure you are aware that the area from your sternum to your head it what is being photographed the most, and is the primary focus. You don’t want a jewelry piece that overwhelms and is trying to compete with other elements.

Sunglasses and hats are a nice touch to add to outfit, they don’t have to be worn the whole time of course, but it is nice to have those options.


Do’s and Don’ts


Bright – jewel toned colors

Complimentary layers

Clothing items that help you with your poses, you will need to be able to sit, squat, stand in your outfits without having to constantly readjust.

A variety of outfits that reflect who you are- at least on classic outfit. If you are wearing a casual dress the first outfit, then have the second outfit and nicer formal dress, or and nice top and pants/shots.

Nude undergarments so they do not show through your clothes.

Clothes the accentuates your best assets.



WRINKLED Clothing – no amount of Photoshop will fix a heavily wrinkled outfit.

Busy patterns; plaid, camo, polka dots etc. They are very distracting and take away from you and the atmosphere.

Too big of jewelry, this will take away from you face and be distracting as well.

Having the same style and basically same outfit over and over. Bring some variety!

Tight fitting clothing that can accentuate problem areas or even let cleavage become a focus.


Hope this helped you out on with choosing your outfits for you session! If you still have questions, do not hesitate to send me a picture of what you were thinking and I would be more than happy to help you choose!