Unique People

Hey All!! Thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Tabitha, I am a wedding and portrait photographer living in Oceanside California. I specializes in helping socal folks tell the story of their events or day in a unique, artistic way.

I will be the first to say I am not a great writer. Who knew that being a photographer also meant being a writer in some sort way?! Not me. My grammar is horrible, I will be the first one to admit that. But hopefully what I write, in some way, is a encouragement to you.

When I cross paths and get to photograph unique people, I think it is such a blessing. Their stories, passions, goals and creativity are completely unique in their own way. It is the most beautiful thing.  Sometimes I learn a life lesson walking away from a photography session.

This beautiful lady I photographed teaches me perseverance. She is so loving and kind, even through some really REALLY really (did that emphasize it enough?) hard times. The reality of it is, when someone shows you love and is still kind, even when you know they go through bad things, it shows something very special about them. It reminds me to give myself an attitude check, or even just to slow down and comfort others around me. I walked away feeling joy in my heart.

Isn't is so cool how people can effect us positively, or even negatively. We have all been in that situation of being effected by someone negatively, and it doesn't feel great. It starts tearing us slowly down. If that doesn't happen to you, well, you must be superwoman because it happens to me more often then not. I end this by saying, BE that person that effects people in a positive way. When you help others, the crazy thing is, it truly uplifts you. I sure as heck would love to be told that my friends, and family walk away feeling this overflow of love and encouragement. Hope your goal is that too! Be Unique. Be Positive. Be You.

Tabitha Jackson