Ready for Logan

   Babies are such a beautiful thing, especially when they are pushing super hard inside of your stomach and make you constantly have to pee, or when you have to waddle like a penguin just to get a few steps... like I said beautiful. When all is said and done, you see those precious eyes open for the first time and then you are suckered in, they can't help you are easy to manipulate into wrapping you around their finger...

   These were the silly but true things that came across my brain as I sat down and edited these photos, it just amazes me how a woman's body goes through so much in 9 months. The hormones, cravings, farts, nausea... it's all funny until it is happening to you. What can you do? Yeah you better have a good sense of humor about it or else... lets just say you won't have the greatest time.

   I laughed really hard while photographing this sweet woman. She told me she got hit on more as a pregnant chick then she has ever. I mean c'mon, she is a babe, but what was it now? Maybe the "pregnant glow"?

I just got a good laugh at the waddling that was happening as we walked around the park and beach. She only has less then 3 week until she is due, man what a rock star.

To all my pregnant babes, I just want to say "You rock, keep on pushing... well not too hard!"

Tabitha Jackson