And then we ran

Man, the things we do for a good picture. I have been itching to go and take some lifestyle portraits this past week, between the crazy scheduled in shoots and school, I did not really have time to. But today, after class and then impulsively buying a keuring, (yeah I was never a big coffee drinker until now...) I decided today was a good time as any.

As I was scouting locations last minute I came across this underpass that I saw a couple hiking underneath. I slammed on my brakes (of course no one was behind me) and I pulled over. The arches were beautifully lit from the almost sunset light. My heart was so content just snapping away at my model. Since I was so caught up in the moment, I didn't really that we were right where a few homeless people lived, well that was until I was being screamed at from a man coming around the corner. All I wanted was good pictures, I snapped one more with my model frantic to leave as the man started approaching faster...and then we ran.

Tabitha JacksonTabitha Jackson