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Thanks to many Fashionistas their unique aesthetics, and that je ne sais quoi quality that makes people drawn into their fashion advice/display, we live in a world where we display our personalities with our fashion.

I have never been one to be able to pull off certain fashion trends. I have what you call a “thick and curvy body”, with a fashion sense of a very slender with no curves woman; and lets be real those clothes do not fit, or they look awful. I have ripped a few clothing items in the dressing room, thinking I could wear certain things. It was hilarious and shameful at the same time. It is a serious struggle my friends.  I also have that “very expensive taste” but I am broke condition, so this girl just struggles all around.

Several Years ago I used to live in East Texas. Not trying to be a hater on the fashion there but, it commonly consisted on bejeweled something or another, with very flashy jewelry. If you are reading this and disagree; you are lying to yourself. That look of fashion was never my forte, I definitely had the rocker chick vibe and it stuck out like a sore thumb. It was like Tim Burton movie characters trying to live in Lisa Frank’s world. Just awkward and well not really welcomed.

Now, I live in Southern California, where fewer clothes are normal and well I was not ready for that. I never thought I would say I am super conservative, but well now that I am living here, near a beach town, I can’t deny it. I love the fashion here in California, which range from flashy and glamorous to edgy with a little bit of street wear vibe.

If you have any great places to shop, that are inexpensive, down to earth, and well fits a curvy girl, hook a sister up.

Hope everyone has an amazing start to their week. 

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