This adorable couple was celebrating their 5 year anniversary just a few days before we did this shoot, and they are expecting their first baby girl. The day we were going out to shoot, I checked the weather several times and it said that there would be some serious cloud coverage... Come to find out, there was nothing but the beaming sun in our midst. We definitely had to find some shade for most of the time to shoot. I came very prepared with my handy side-kick, AKA my Husband who graciously helps me out, and a good ol' diffuser.

If ever as a photographer you come across this situation where there is nothing but the beaming sun here are some quick tips on what to do.

1. Look for a nice shaded area. (Yeah scenery is awesome for pictures, but intimate moments and peoples faces need even light for those close up photos).

2. If you have a Diffuser, use it. It is your friend and that also gives you a nice even lighting.

3. Back light them, yeah we know, that is an obvious answer. But sometimes I fail at doing this properly

4. Keep your subjects talking and having fun while you are accessing the situation. No one ever wants to feel awkward and see you panic, that throws the mood out the window.

5. Be creative, even when you have an idea and it looks HORRIBLE, or just keep smiling and move on. It is not the end of the world and you can try another one, and nail that one.

You obviously want amazing photographs, but make sure you and your clients are having a fun experience. That is what people remember as well as how amazing your worked turned out.

 Hope you enjoy looking at this session as much as I do.