DFW Wedding Photography | James and Josselyn


These two were such a blast to be around, their intimate backyard lake wedding was something for the books. It was supposed to pour down raining that day but ended up having beautiful calm skies.

Here is a little Questionnaire I sent out to them:

How did you two meet?: We meet in 2014 at our local gym lifetime fitness! We had a mutual friend who introduced us , we had our first workout together and the rest is history!!

How long have you been together?: We have been together since November 14, 2014 so about 3 in a half years!

Do you have a funny, romantic, or touching story about your relationship?: James is all about details so For every special event, he always has the best and biggest surprises!! I also hate surprises so I pretty much ruin all of them. The week that James planned on proposing we had a nightmare of a week. Everything was falling apart and James picked an argument with me on purpose so I would get my nails done before he proposed! I always asked James to make sure two things were done before he ever proposed which was to have my nails done and to make sure someone captured it in a photo! He did both!!

Was it love at first sight?: It was not love at first sight but we definitely did say the “L” word about a week after making things official!